Turn to Our Financial Advisor for Modern, Innovative Financial Advising 

Today’s investment insurance and investment marketplaces look radically different than they did a mere decade ago. While prices, returns, and premiums may always be fluctuating, insurance and investment products and platforms have evolved to provide consumers with lucrative opportunities to grow their wealth. 

For many, these new products and the related strategies can be intimidating. Whether you are new to the market or a seasoned investor, a forward-thinking financial advisor with deep experience can provide you with valuable insights and indispensable guidance. Our founder, financial advisor Kris Montgomery, built Alpha Crypto Consulting to do just that – to guide clients through today’s financial marketplace to help you reach, and exceed, your financial goals.

When to Contact a Financial Advisor

The short answer to this question is that anytime is a good time to contact a financial advisor. However, many people try to navigate wealth management on their own. This means spending a significant amount of time researching financial and insurance products, keeping abreast of the various changes to tax laws and other regulations, and developing your own investment and insurance strategies. In short, you need to develop a certain level of wealth management expertise in order to reach your financial goals. 

Unfortunately, for most people, this comes at the expense of time with their family or free time. And a sudden change in the market can quickly lead you back to square one. 

A financial advisor provides clients with a value-added service – and that’s what we do. At Alpha Crypto Currency, we do this by helping our clients find the right financial products that can help them reach their goals. From there, we proactively manage your portfolio, making sure that you are seeing the best possible returns on your investments. Along the way, we provide you with real-time market updates that can affect your holdings and give you our recommendation as to how you should respond. And we do this by working with you side-by-side to develop a fully customized, personal financial and investment strategy. Our clients also have access to a broad spectrum of educational resources and research tools. Ultimately, our goal is to save you time and maximize your wealth to your benefit and the benefit of your family. 

Important Life Events Where a Financial Advisor Can Help

To continue the discussion of when is the right time to contact a financial advisor, there are times in our clients’ lives where engaging a financial advisor can be especially helpful. Working with a financial advisor during one of the following life events can pay incredible dividends toward your future peace of mind: 

  • Nearing retirement. An experienced financial advisor can review your current investments and ensure that you are on track to meet your goals. They can also assess your risk and recommend additional products or platforms that you should consider in order to maximize your wealth. 
  • Marriage. As you begin a new life with your spouse, working with a financial advisor can help you develop achievable goals for yourself and your family. Your advisor can help you develop an effective, long-term investment and insurance strategy that will grow your wealth and protect your assets as you move through life. 
  • Inheritance. A sudden or unexpected inheritance can raise a number of questions. A financial advisor can help you make the most of what you have inherited as part of your overall financial strategy. 
  • Divorce. The dissolution of a marriage often requires shifting your financial goals. An advisor can evaluate how your divorce will impact your finances and recommend the adjustments you need to make in order to keep moving forward. 
  • Widows and widowers. Similar to divorce, the death of your spouse may require adjusting your investment and insurance strategies. A financial advisor will know the best way to maximize your wealth for the years ahead. 
  • Your children have left your home. Seeing your children begin their own lives is one of the proudest moments as a parent. We can review how this affects your investment and insurance plan to either maximize your retirement or perhaps provide for the future needs of your grandchildren. 

Developing an effective financial plan isn’t something you do once and forget about. Your financial plan needs to develop as you move through life – your goals and your tolerance for risk will change along with the rest of your life. At Alpha Crypto Currency, our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients so that we can be there for them at every stage of their lives. 

Finding the Right Financial Planning Tools for You

There are a wide variety of financial planning tools available to consumers, but not every tool will meet your personal financial goals. We work closely with our clients to determine which tools best meet their plans. These tools fall into two basic categories: 

  • Tools that primarily grow your wealth such as IRAs, 401(k)s, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and other investment vehicles. A financial advisor can help you by helping you prioritize your goals, evaluating potential risks and returns, and recommending which tools are uniquely suited to meet your goals. 
  • Tools that primarily protect your wealth such as annuities, life insurance, health insurance, asset insurance, and pensions. Your financial advisor can review your financial situation, the tools you currently have in place and determine whether the protection you have is adequate. For clients who are over-insured, your advisor may identify opportunities where your money can yield greater returns.

There is no financial tool that is right for everyone – there are only the right tools for you. We represent several major insurance and investment companies, allowing us to provide you with the perspective you need in choosing the tools to meet your goals. 

What a Financial Advisor Can Do for You

Unlike an insurance or investment broker, a financial advisor serves a much broader role and can meet a variety of needs. They can help you decide on a particular insurance product or investment vehicle as well as develop a global financial plan that will serve you for years to come. At Alpha Crypto Consulting, we best serve our clients by giving them full-service financial advice that serves both their short-term and long-term needs. 

  • We get to know you. We want to understand your financial objectives and needs, along with your tolerance for risk.
  • We review and evaluate your current financial position. This can help us determine where you can improve your returns, identify where you may be overleveraged, and whether you need to better protect your assets. 
  • We work with you to develop a financial plan. Our goal is to help you maximize your wealth and protect your assets with a fully personalized investment and insurance plan. 
  • We proactively monitor the market and your portfolio. Once your plan is in place, we make sure that it is fully executed. As part of this, we watch the market and your portfolio to ensure that your goals are being met. Along the way, your financial advisor will make recommendations that we think could enhance your position. 

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