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Blockchain is an emerging and exciting technology that presents investment opportunities for both individuals and businesses. At Alpha Crypto Consulting, we provide blockchain consulting to people who want to understand this technology and invest in its potential both as the foundation of cryptocurrency and the future of digital transactions. 

Connecting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

For many people, blockchain is synonymous with cryptocurrency, or more specifically, Bitcoin. This is because Bitcoin is the first widely-known platform to utilize blockchain technology in a fundamental way. However, this technology has far more applications than simply facilitating the use of cryptocurrency as a method of payment. 

Blockchain is the backbone of cryptocurrency. Without it, cryptocurrency would not have the potential as a viable digital currency that it does today. It is an incredibly complex technology that isn’t easy for many people to understand. One of the goals of our cryptocurrency consulting services is to help our clients understand how the blockchain works and the investment opportunities it presents. 

The problem of any currency is trust – how do you ensure that the currency won’t be devalued or stolen? Paper currency is backed by governments, who we trust to not print an excessive amount of additional currency or suddenly declare that your money is worthless. The problem of trust is even more challenging with non-government backed securities. 

What Is Blockchain Technology?

Without a doubt, blockchain technology is incredibly complex, but the concept can be simplified. Blockchain technology was created precisely to solve the problem of trust. At its most basic level, blockchain technology is a database that serves as a ledger. However, unlike most digital databases where there is a single person or group of people that manage the database, the blockchain ledger is distributed to everyone on the network. Sometimes referred to as “distributed ledger technology,” we can describe the blockchain as follows: 

  • It is decentralized because the blockchain is not saved, stored, or controlled by a single computer. Instead, it is shared and replicated on a peer-to-peer network. All users on the network have real-time access to the ledger, making it fully transparent. Because it is decentralized, no single party can change the blockchain without notice to other users on the network. 
  • Its security is cryptologically protected with each user and transaction having its own unique identifiers, protecting the integrity of the network and each transaction in the chain. 

To the consumer, blockchain presents an opportunity for businesses and others to engage in fully digital transactions in a way that reduces transaction costs, brings full transparency, and prevents fraud. Our blockchain consulting services are focused on helping potential investors understand not only how blockchain works but also the unique opportunities it presents for businesses and investors. 

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Blockchain Technology: More Than Just Bitcoin

Blockchain allows Bitcoin users to buy, sell, or trade bitcoin as well as purchase and sell goods and services. However, businesses are beginning to realize the potential of blockchain technology in applications beyond digital currency. 

Ethereum is another type of digital currency that relies upon blockchain technology but employs it in a different way. For example, it allows for smart contracts – bits of software within the blockchain that automatically execute transactions when certain conditions are met. Because of the secure nature of the blockchain, these transactions can take place without the need for verification by an intermediary such as a bank. 

Another example of how blockchain technology is being used is non-fungible tokens or “NFTs.” NFTs allow for the transfer of things like digital media where the seller transfers the file to the purchaser upon payment while retaining control over the asset and minimizing the risk of theft. 

Thousands of companies are developing blockchain-supported platforms in order to streamline distribution, solve supply chain issues, and generally modernize their business processes. 

About Our Blockchain Consulting Services

You might understand it, and now you’re asking how a professional can help. At Alpha Crypto Consulting, our process includes:

  • We start with identifying how your overall portfolio can benefit from blockchain. 
  • We do a full opportunity assessment, the results of which allow us to develop a plan for applying the strategy. 
  • We consider what the future of your portfolio might look like, consider the tax obligations and common barriers we see that prevent organizations from succeeding in blockchain. 
  • From there, our role is to support the implementation of those strategies.

That’s just an overview of how we can help with your investments. We encourage you to contact us to better understand what we can do for you. 

Blockchain Consulting Made Simple – Get Started Today

At Alpha Crypto Consulting, our goal is to help our clients identify potential clients and make smart investment decisions. If you are interested in the potential that blockchain has to offer for your financial future, reach out to us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation.