Bitcoin Consulting with an Experienced Bitcoin Advisor

Alpha Crypto Consulting offers a full range of professional bitcoin and cryptocurrency services. Our lead Bitcoin Advisor Kris Montgomery can help you keep your bitcoin secure from hacking attempts and theft, and advise how to incorporate bitcoin into your overall investment strategy.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency – it is not only the most well-known cryptocurrency, but it is also the largest trading cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of approximately $800 billion. While there are other cryptocurrencies available on the market, the terms “bitcoin” and “cryptocurrency” are interchangeable for many consumers. 

Introduced in 2009 by someone working under the name Satoshi Nakamoto, it was the first cryptocurrency to be available to consumers. Nakamoto left the project in 2010, leaving a wake of speculation as to his identity. It is widely accepted that whoever he was, he was working under a pseudonym. Since his departure, other developers have joined the community to bring Bitcoin to where it is now. 

We offer bitcoin consulting services to people who are interested in purchasing, owning, and investing in bitcoin. We help them identify investment opportunities, maximize their returns on their investment, and stay abreast of market trends. 

Who Controls the Bitcoin Network?

One of the intriguing things about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is that no one controls the networks behind them. More accurately, there is no central authority that controls Bitcoin. Instead, the bitcoin network is controlled by all of its users around the world. To put it another way, it is a peer-to-peer system of payment that requires network consensus. Bitcoin developers cannot, therefore, make fundamental changes to the Bitcoin network without jeopardizing the entire system. The market controls the price, but the users control the network itself. 

The Advantages of Bitcoin Straight from a Professional Bitcoin Consultant

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies present a number of advantages as both methods of payment and as investments. Here are some of the advantages that make Bitcoin attractive:

  • Transparency – all transactions are recorded on the blockchain which is cryptographically protected. This means that anyone can view the blockchain to verify a transaction in real-time, but no one can modify or manipulate it. 
  • Security – for the same reasons that make it transparent, Bitcoin is also incredibly secure. The blockchain makes it impossible to counterfeit the currency, and merchants cannot manipulate the payment. 
  • Privacy – Transactions can be made without including your personal information. This can guard against identity theft, unlike a credit card where your personal information is tied to every transaction. 
  • A payment method without borders – Bitcoin can be sent to anyone in the world at any time. Unlike local or paper currencies, it does not require conversion nor do you have to worry about an unfavorable rate of exchange. 
  • You control any fees – While there is no fee to receive bitcoins, there can be other fees related to a bitcoin transaction or conversion. However, most wallets let you choose which fees you want to pay. For example, you may choose to pay a larger fee to expedite conversion of a transaction or to have your bitcoin converted and deposited into your bank account daily. 
  • Less risk for merchants – Thanks to the blockchain, merchants face no risk of fraudulent charges or chargebacks as they do with credit cards. This allows merchants to enter new markets where credit card payments are not an option or fraud is widespread. This results in lower transaction costs for the merchant, allowing them to offer their goods and services to consumers in new markets. 
  • Value stability – there will never be more than 21 million Bitcoins. While Bitcoins continue to be mined (with a little more than 2 million in Bitcoins remaining), the fact that the supply of Bitcoins is fixed guards against a dilution of value. While prices may remain volatile for the foreseeable future, the inherent value of Bitcoin will remain stable. 
  • Access to a decentralized financial system – Bitcoin transactions do not require the involvement of third-party intermediaries, either private sector or governmental. This means lower transaction costs, greater freedom and flexibility, and market values that are largely determined by the users themselves. 

While these advantages certainly make Bitcoin attractive to many people, the question remains whether Bitcoin is right for you. Alpha Crypto bitcoin consulting provides interested investors with personalized recommendations as to whether you should consider bitcoin and how to invest your money wisely in this emerging digital currency.

Is Bitcoin Really Safe? 

Yes! As your trusted bitcoin advisors we can speak to the safety and validity of bitcoin. There are many businesses and individuals using bitcoin – some big names you would recognize in an instant. Blockchain technology makes bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies even more secure than traditional digital transactions. Thus, bitcoin payments are not only secure but often easier to make than debit or credit card purchases. 

We know it’s a new idea, and there is always hesitation with new ideas, but the rapid growth we’ve seen in cryptocurrency and bitcoin is promising and our Bitcoin consultant would value the opportunity to see how it may fit into your investment portfolio.

Speak with a Bitcoin Advisor to Help You Navigate a New and Exciting Market

Many of the voices in the financial sector are encouraging potential investors to wait until cryptocurrency sees greater stability. For well-diversified investors, however, this could mean missing out on tremendous opportunities. At Alpha Crypto Consulting, we work with investors who are interested in investing in digital currencies to help them navigate these markets and minimize their risks. Bitcoin Advisor Specialist Kris Montgomery can give you the tools you need to reach your financial goals. To learn more about how we can help you invest in cryptocurrency, contact us today by phone or email to meet with our Bitcoin consultant.