WHO: Alpha Crypto Consulting is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).  

GOAL: Access to information that simplifies the process of learning the basics of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. 

WHY: True passion to help the next person discover The Power of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

WHAT: Core Fundamentals

  • Utility  
  • Technology 
  • Community  

HOW: Adoption by Distribution

WHEN: You finish reading a book, do you feel more accomplished and powerful knowing:

  1. It’s stashed away in some bookcase on display.
  2. It’s saved in a document file folder lost on the hard drive.
  3. You’ve shared it by giving away The Light inside the book.

The Light?

The Light is that special gift that has no price. Some of the most treasured advice we’ve received and gained from is the exact same advice we should now distribute. Our manifesto and vision for the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology revolve around supporting all the innovators, creators, and users that built this beautiful space. Further, we seek to innovate and distribute these avant-garde ideas by sharing the same exact concept that makes it all work together.

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