Kris Montgomery, Founder of Alpha Crypto Consulting

Born and raised in Roanoke, Kris devotes his time to his friends, family, and the Roanoke community where he continues to mentor young adults. In many ways, his passion for building relationships led him to his career in financial planning where he has helped over 2,000 people learn to better manage their finances. From group meetings, to seminars, to working with clients one-on-one, Kris believes that financial planning is a deeply personal process. 

A Focus on Results Combined with a Passion for the Process

Because financial planning is so personal, Kris focuses first on getting to know you – understanding who you are, who you value, and what your goals are. From there, he brings deep knowledge of the various financial products that may be of benefit to you and helps you understand your options. 

Ultimately, our relationship with you is a partnership. Kris works with you side-by-side to develop a fully personalized financial plan that is custom-tailored to meet your personal goals. He will then not only help you implement your plan but actively monitor it to ensure that it is meeting your expectations. Along the way, he will identify additional opportunities and recommend any changes in strategy that you might want to consider. 

Transparency and Full Disclosure

All relationships are built on trust, and the relationship you have with your financial planner is no different. Kris believes that transparency and full disclosure are at the core of building trust. 

Someone Who Embraces the Future

Kris believes that technology is the future of financial planning, both inside and outside his firm. He offers robust cryptocurrency and blockchain consulting services, helping clients grow their wealth by investing in bitcoin, blockchain, and other crypto platforms. In his day-to-day practice, he has implemented technological solutions that help with record-keeping, client communication, and client education. The end result is a fully modernized financial planning firm that is built on a decade of experience and traditional knowledge.