About Alpha Crypto Consulting: Financial Planning Embracing a Digital Future

There is a dizzying array of financial planning services to choose from and it can be difficult to determine what separates one from the other. You need a financial planner who understands your needs and your unique goals. Alpha Crypto Consulting focuses on each individuals unique needs with with only their goals as priority. Our clients are serviced on a set of core values. Trust is the basis to ensure that we deliver a truly personalized financial plan that will help put you in the best possible position.

Ethos and Pathos: 

  • Prominence and Passion
  • Honor and Enlightenment
  • Proof and Happiness

Meet Our Founder, Kris Montgomery

Kris was born and raised in Roanoke, and through his volunteer efforts in mentoring young adults, his roots in the community continue to grow deeper. Kris has dedicated his career to helping people grow and protect their wealth for over 10 years with forward-thinking financial, insurance, and cryptocurrency advising. He represents many major, national insurance and investment companies including Mutual of Omaha.

Kris brings a fresh perspective to financial planning – he combines traditional financial experience and knowledge with an enthusiastic implementation of the latest technologies and investment vehicles. He does this to provide his clients with cutting-edge guidance and real-time results. 

Why You Should Work with Us – Opportunity Financial Planning Firm

Whether you are planning for retirement, protecting your wealth, or simply trying to make the most of your financial opportunities, the reality is that financial planning requires a great deal of time and effort. As financial markets become more sophisticated, many people find themselves unable to keep up. 

An experienced financial planner who can handle the heavy lifting for you, allowing you to focus your time on your work and your family. From researching potential investment opportunities to identifying and analyzing market trends, we can provide the guidance you need to make the best decision about your financial future. 

Alpha Crypto Consulting – An Experienced Digital Services Firm

At Alpha Crypto, we do more than get you set up and then put your financial plan on autopilot. Proactive with an eye on the horizon, we can alert you to potential opportunities and let you know when is the right time to make a move. We work closely with our clients to help them find the right tools and the best strategies to help them meet their goals. 

That said, we also firmly believe that the best client is an educated client. To that end, we provide our clients with a wealth of educational resources to help them make informed decisions about their financial future. Ultimately, our goal is to build a partnership where your financial planning is an open dialog about how to best meet your needs. 

A Full Menu of Financial Planning Services

At Alpha Crypto Consulting, we pride ourselves on providing guidance that meets our clients’ most fundamental financial planning needs. From planning for retirement to potential long-term care, we provide fully customized financial planning advice personalized to meet your specific goals. 

Financial Planning

Whether you are young and just starting out or are more established in life, it’s never too early or too late to think about your future. We offer a broad spectrum of financial and investment planning services including the following: 

  • Annuities, including fixed, indexed, variable, immediate, and deferred annuities
  • IRAs
  • 401(k)s and Rollover 401(k)s

With a proven track record of over 10 years, we can help you formulate realistic and achievable financial goals. More importantly, we then help you choose and implement a successful investment strategy to help you reach those goals. 

Insurance Advising

Insurance is an important piece of financial planning – even then best plans can fail when met with a sudden crisis. Events such as severe injuries or sudden illnesses can leave you unable to work and absorb valuable assets to cover your expenses. Unfortunately, insurance can be incredibly complex, and it can be difficult to know what coverage you need and what coverage you don’t. 

We work side-by-side with our clients to make sure they understand the risks and help them manage them by finding the insurance products that meet their needs. We have deep experience in helping clients purchase the following types of insurance coverage: 

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin Consulting

We are one of the few planning firms to provide guidance in the cryptocurrency space. We can help you identify investment opportunities and navigate this emerging technology. We provide our clients with the following services: 

Our Values: The Foundation of Alpha Crypto Consulting

Finding the right advisor is a deeply personal process. You need someone you can trust, whose values align with your own. Most importantly, you need to know that your advisor will put your interests ahead of their own. At Alpha Crypto, we have built our reputation on the strongest foundation possible – our values. 

Our Integrity

We serve our clients with the highest degree of honesty and transparency. Your interests are always put first. 

Your Privacy and Security

Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, exposing highly private and sensitive information to the public at large. All of your personal information and records are encrypted and stored securely using the latest technology. 

Family and Relationships Are What Matters

We understand that wealth is not the ultimate goal of financial planning. Whether it’s a valued charity or taking care of your loved ones, your priorities are our priorities. 

Education is Everything

The best client is an educated client. We provide all of the resources you need to take an active role in your financial planning. 

Work with Us

Finding the right financial planner isn’t easy, but it starts with a conversation. If you’re interested in working with us, we would love to hear from you. Call or email us today to schedule a time to discuss your goals and how we can help.